La Petite Belle Patterns, Fashions for Miniature Dolls
La Petite Belle Patterns, Fashions for Miniature Dolls


About the Artist

La Petite Belle Patterns, Fashions for Miniature DollsHi! My name is Kathi Mendenhall. For as long as I can remember I have been sewing and embroidering. My dolls, a Barbie and a Chatty Cathy, had everything they needed in doll clothing. At 16, I got my first sewing machine, from then on I was a dressmaker! I sewed for myself, for my mom, and for some of my friends. Soon, I was engaged and made the wedding clothes for my bridesmaids, my mom and my own wedding dress. Before I knew it I was making Christening gowns and wedding gowns for family and friends.

Doll clothing became another outlet; I continued to make for Barbie, French Fashions and small cabinet dolls. I was hooked on Miniatures from very early. But, as for most of us, there is an interest and then life interruptions and then time for personal interests again. So it was for me. After a long career in mortgage banking and mortgage software and following my husband in his career in the Marine Corps, I finally have time to pursue the miniatures that excite me.

La Petite Belle Patterns, Fashions for Miniature DollsI began doing miniatures seriously in 1990. It didn't take me long to see that there were not many patterns for miniature dolls commercially available. I had to create each idea anew. I have had so much encouragement all along the way. So, at the urging of Michelle Mahler, Doll Artist's Workshop, I began to think about how this should be done and La Petite Belle Patterns was created. In 2002, we joined forces and introduced our first signed and numbered kits. Since then there have been several collaborations with other Artisans. Giselle Sullivan and Kate Forrest, both Artisans of the I.G.M. A. produced beautiful porcelain for the kits.


Along the way, I have acquired many skills and certifications to further my joy in the doll making and costuming process.

  • I am a member of the Doll Artisan Guild and completed an Apprentice program in antique reproduction dolls. After completing my apprentice program I became a Certified Doll Artisan. I produce much of my own porcelain.

And now I have my own website. I would like to thank everyone!